by Marina City

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released September 10, 2015


tags: pop rock Chicago


all rights reserved


Marina City Chicago, Illinois

Marina City takes the best of many genres crafting a unique blend of in-your-face rock-driven music that urges your body to smash into the guy standing next to you, a heavy dosage of electronica synth that makes you bob your head and tap your foot, pop-punk melodies that will keep your teenage sister singing for days, and even the occasional piano to help shed a tear. ... more

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Track Name: When You Left Me
Loneliness has found a home in my chest
I say I’m fine but I’m miserable at best
Now smokes the only one who takes away my breath
And these drinks are the only ones who kiss my lips

Please come home

Our bed now just swallows me whole
And I can’t listen to the same songs we loved anymore
And if I could I would have left me too
Why stay with someone who wouldn’t fight for you?

Please come home

Because I’m falling to pieces
Faster than you can catch me
I’ll keep my head held high
If this rope never breaks from the ceiling
And I know I have what it takes to build my own grave
If this love has died then I’m ready to be by its side.

Please come home

I didn’t mean it
I wish I never said
Please give me another chance
Didn’t want to believe it
But I lost everything when you left me

Please come home
Track Name: I Can't Love You
She says that we just need to have a talk
You’re not the man that I love
No not at all
She says she knows that times will change
But when we took our vow she said, “our love will remain”

She said we’re a lie

I can’t love you
This house ain’t a home anymore
I’d rather sink than stay a float
Always waiting for you
I’m always waiting for you

She claims that I’m just never around
I used to hold her close but now I just weigh her down
She laughs and says, “I’m sure there’ll be a song about me
They’ll say you showed a lot of heart, it’s something I’ve never seen.”

This is a lie
We’re a lie

I gave you all you wanted
So please just give me the truth
Could I have been better?
Or was I not enough for you?
I wish that we could be friends
But things are now different
I can’t look at you the same way again
Track Name: The Haunting
Your grave mistake
Was thinking you left me all alone to die
Well I found a place where I could come alive
That night in the darkest shadows of my twisted mind
I used that noose to climb my way out to the light

It’s been seven years but you did a number on me

I found the key of happiness
It’s to rip that smile right off your lips
You look at me like you’ve seen a ghost
is it not the end that you had hoped?

Here I am
About to dethrone you from your pedestal
And I will drag you to the hell you put me through
You wear a crown
But you’re a king living on his knees
Praying that you got the best of me

They thought they buried us
Turns out that we were seeds
Now when we crack through the pavement
We’ll show what we’ll be
We are the product of their imagination
Because when they tore her down
They built what we’ve become
Track Name: Four Letter Lie
“You say you pray to God?
You must be talking about me”
She says, “I’ve got you begging on your knees”
I know it’s all my fault
I could just get up and leave
Maybe I like the way she hurts me

She told me take my advice and run as fast as you can
I’m the monster that they claim I am
No there’s no you and me
Boy, that’s just wishful thinking
I’m going to destroy all of your dreams
Because baby that’s just me

“Do you believe in love?
Because I believe in that lie
When you say love I see just dollar signs”
When she said “forever”
She meant until its gets old
I’m not romantic I’m hopeful
Track Name: Keep Your Faith In Me
You may call me a dreamer
Though you know that all too well
You may call me a believer
Even though it’s hard to tell

Because I know I’m fading
And I know I’m losing
Everything you loved about me

Don’t let me go
I can build the pieces of everything I broke
Just hold it against me
I never said this would be easy
But I’ll try Oh, I’ll try
Yes, believe me
Just keep your faith in me

No one will ever understand
The feeling of losing things right in the palm of your hand
Well I know what it’s like to be a man
It’s when you lose your legs you still fight to stand